Welcome To The New Self-Employment Bargain Franchise Illustrative!

Bargain Franchise is the New equity trading technology that is being deployed by Bargain Hunters Buying Service to self-employ entrepreneurs, and guarantee their home investments/incomes…”Bargain Franchises resolves unemployment issues for all times!”  Every individual, regardless of age, country of origin or residence is an economic franchise: capable of achieving financial freedom with a Bargain Franchise!  Freedom however, is a personal thing, and speaks to people that have achieved appreciable levels of personal development. Everybody would not appreciate “freedom” and does not want or desire financial freedom from the caste, because they identify with a life of struggle as their comfort zone.

In the other side of the isle, there are those who identify with a life of the “filthy” rich, and would stop at nothing to achieve that life, and then there is you…the Middle Class!  As a franchise, the individual is self employed, employing oneself to develop financial value to the franchise through enterprise—that is your job—that gives you the time to do whatever type of work that you prefer to do.  If your profession is teaching, and you desire an income to acquire a lifestyle; which teachers’ wages could not afford…the franchise will guaranteed such an income:  “You simply acquire a franchise, develop the capital to produce the desired income, and then go on to teach without any conflicts of interest!”

The problem with the old social security economy is: the individual is not capitalized, and therefore is unable to earn anything but slave wages.  Bargain Franchise is an entity and works for everyone in every endeavor—including politicians—and it works because; it removes conflict of interest.  Conflict of interest is the main cause of the inequity in the market economy, which is causing all GDP economies to fail all over the world.  As you know, everyone is required by law to pay income taxes, but only ten percent of the population earns income.  Therefore, the most feasible solution to the economy is simply to increase the number of people that earn income…and not to take away the income that people earn, to redistribute to those who had no earnings! 

Bargain Franchise is the answer to everyone earning income, and is now available, and has the capability to systematically graduate people from wages to income, and from lower class to middle class.  Making the change is taking place much quicker than it may feel: Just a year ago the social order would have openly opposed your financial and economical freedom.  Change in attitude is occurring because; to do otherwise is producing austerity, and austerity only produces collapse of governments.  “Bargain Franchise is not about what your country can do for you anymore, but what you can do for our country going forward!”

Bargain Franchise gives people the resources and capability to do for the country that they love, in gratitude for the freedom the country that they love has provided them.  Bargain Franchise means full employment/self-employment and equitable earning of income, and equitable payment of income taxes, to better afford government, regardless of one’s country of origin or residence.

Bargain Franchise is about freeing the enterprise and releasing the subjects, to pursue freedom and happiness, and capital security.  Every individual has equal opportunity to create a market niche, and earn income for reselling products and services on the Internet, as a social exchange.  Reselling is referral marketing and trading of individual intellectual property…”You refer my e-Books and services to someone, the book and service buyer pays you and the Company supplies the e-Book and service!” “You refer homes and cars and other consumer products, and you are reselling…whenever the people to whom you refer buy, the Company pays you referral-fee income!”

Bargain Franchises are available to the smallest cash investor as a nine-dollar investment—for the purchase of an e-Book—and the largest of capital investors and employers that may invest millions of dollars, to train self-employ people and put entire states or countries to work.  Every employer can participate, and help the employees to upgrade from wage-earnings to income earning, and from mortality-based social security to life-based capital security.  It all starts with you, and you do not have to get anyone’s permission: Bargain Franchise is the key to setting the economic prisoners free!