Bargain Franchise Illustrative II


We (humans) have been making more preparations to die, than we’ve been making to live!  From the day we were born, our life becomes a chronology of how old we are, what type of illnesses did our parents have, and what type of disease is likely to be our demise.  Could you imagine referring to a fetus as “how old it is, instead of what’s the age of the fetus?”  “You probably don’t have to imagine anything about debt or death, they are the same old—You Can’t Escape Death And Taxes—list and you were indoctrinated to that way of thinking…old always precedes you”.  Consequently, we are using the life that we are spared, by God and the government, to celebrate the shortness and finality of life.  Who or what and why are we just being spared some life anyhow?

The life that we get is sparing and short because we are not living every day, but instead we are dying every day!  “Some of us even get to experience home foreclosure and homelessness before we die, even though we had a home when we were born!” If we cater to life and prepare for life, and prepare to live, we are going to slow down this insane march to the grave to such a crawl: we will be able to stop the death march entirely someday.  I am sure that every individual has put a stop to something that he/she once did, and that he/she will not do anymore!  I have selected two things to suggest that you do no more, to enhance your life, and get on a march to live.  The two things are: agreeing not to rely on government and be poor anymore, and agreeing not to subject yourself to foreclosure…both are preventable! 

You have been agreeing to rely on government as your surrogate parent at a subconscious level…you tell yourself that you are poor and helpless, and your government has a responsibility to help you.  Government in turn develops these huge social programs that only deliver about thirty cents of value for every dollar it spends.  You work real hard and fight your way to get a mortgage, based on your slave wages, marching faster to death than life.  There is a psychological escapism in people’s belief—as they are faced with their personal creations of failures.  “Their real homes become those in their imagination, yonder in the sky, and some march to death even faster by using explosives.  These conclusions all came from thought, based on a level of human understanding that persist through force of habit: that evolve into a way of life…”A way of life that leaves much to be desired”. 

Time is of the essence, in transposing the idea of living subjectively just to die, to living objectively and abundantly.  If this period passes without positive action, good ideas—like preparing to live—will get lost.  “We just have not been giving good ideas enough time!”  Ideas are like embryo-inventions, nobody knows for sure what they are until something is there, and there must be enough there; to get an ultrasound.  “Until such time, the idea will not become actualized, and this is the reason why doing the New is not very popular…and why people kept on doing the old, preparing for death instead of life”.  Almost everything that we do, and have done in the past, is punctuated by debt and death, and the difference is negligible.   Wouldn’t you like to make that change now, from living to die, to living to live?  “I think that you should because…you have absolutely nothing to lose!”