Bargain Franchise Illustrative IV

Bargain Hunters Bargain Franchise is an economic game changer, and the franchise is comparable to a Capital Investment Development entrepreneurial apprenticeship.  Every franchise is a prospective Capital Investment Banking facility, using the first five years to earn credibility and feasibility.  The franchise will accrue large amounts of capital, as earned credits, and will have governments competing to license any of them that are available.  The reason is simple…the Bargain Franchises are the only source of new revenue to pay for the cost of government.  Bargain Franchise is an emerging Capital Development Banking system that is about what it can do for the government, and not about what the government can do for it.  “Unless and until you understand and agree with this premise, you are yet to appreciate the Middle Class, and yet to experience economical freedom!”

Bargain Franchises are fully owned subsidiaries of FRIENDSFORLIFE INTERNATIONAL, and Bargain Hunters, a Caribbean American Company that is the sole distributor of Bargain Franchises.  The Company has imposed limits on the amounts of franchises and franchisees per country and state, based on an economic formula.  The formula may make more franchises available in some smaller states and Caribbean countries that had little or no previous economic stimulation.   Interested parties need to check availability in his/her state or country, and countries to which they can relocate to do business. 

Bargain Franchises are all e-Commerce Internet stores that are owned by franchisees in specific irremovable state domains, and therefore cannot be moved to new domains.  The Bargain Franchise cannot be sold or transferred to new owners or new locations, but may be inherited by succession within a family structure, in any order and any proportions of ownership that the franchisee wills.  Franchisees final wills and testaments must all begin with the original succession of beneficiaries and follow every successive testament; culminating with the final will and testament of the franchisee. 

 The cost of Bargain Franchises could differ significantly from place to place, and are only made available to FRIENDSFORLIFE member/subscribers.  Membership subscription is a pre requisite to becoming a franchisee, referral marketer or reseller.   Member Subscribers can use referral fee receivables to pay for the Bargain Franchises.  This makes the Bargain Franchise an optimal investment bargain…franchisees can access and own a billion dollar franchise with a token or good faith deposit and those exact amounts may differ from state to state., country to country.