Successful home investors are successful home buyers, and this is a distinction few people get to achieve ... As you know, I am sure, when you buy a home you are investing in the economy, under serious penalty. Home owners assume property tax liabilities, and civic responsibility, only to have to live under the duress of home foreclosure. Quite naturally, Bargain Hunters is about facilitating the buyer, by reducing your acquisition costs, and making homeownership a financial bargain.

The buying is done as a trading event, to which you are being invited by the host or buyers agent, following the submission of your Member Enrollment. Our buying service reduces cost to both buyer and seller, and producing a capital gain for both buyer and seller. When we advertised that you could buy any home, to $1M USD with $2,500, we were referring to your actual acquisition costs. You will have to pay the home mortgage notes for the home that is under purchase contract, but you will also have income from your recurring referral marketing business, to cover that cost.

You have the ways and means to buy, when you complete a marketing practicum. You earn a coveted option to be fully self-employed. You are being self-employed as referral marketer, investor, trader, or buyer: "Just join the club, and you have a job!"

Regardless of your gender, age, income, credit, employment: Country of origin or residence.

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Your cash is invested in promoting coffee cafe home investors' events, where referral marketers come to buy your coffee, and create continuous cash flow and leverage. 

This income covers the cost of your home investment, and pays all your mortgage notes. This is how you are facilitated to acquire a home to $1M USD with a cash investment of twenty -five hundred dollars.