The Coffee Cafe Home Investors Club is a trading event. Here lenders, sellers, and buyers are hosted by referral marketers to trade sweat equity for home equity. If you want to invest in a home as your residence, or to resell, consider any invitation you get to attend this event. The objectives of the event are, to capitalize home acquisitions and convert the buyers to business investors. That means, instead of buyers pursuing debt-credit and paying 200% in interest over the life of a 30-year mortgage, they are now paying $2,500 for a business marketing package, to acquire earned credit, and produce the income to pay-off the home investment.

Coffee Cafe Home Investors Club is a BARGAIN HUNTERS BARGAIN FRANCHISE event that is sponsored and hosted by lenders/sellers to trade home equity for business income proceeds. Buyers pledge a stated amount of their business income, to pay the sellers for the property. Every home sale is calculated on the number of buyers the homebuyer refers to the Cafe club events ... And the buyers accrue the number of referrals they need to guarantee the mortgage.

Trading commences immediately after you complete and submit an enrollment form, by fax or by e-mail, and pay your club membership fee. The description of the home that you want to buy or renovate is then requisitioned: the seller fills the order, and a trade is made. Buyers establish investment accounts, and all business receipts are paid to this account before the buyer declares a personal income. Buyers' investment accounts become their capital resource fund guarantee, which enables them to capitalize their acquisitions within 180 days.

Regardless of age, gender, income, credit, employment: Country of origin or residence.

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You invest your cash in creating coffee cafe club referrals to buy your coffee distributorship, and create an income-flow to cover the cost of your home investment. Here is how you are leveraged to buy any home to $1M USD with a cash investment of twenty-five hundred dollars.