Bargain Franchise Illustrative III


The Bargain Hunters Bargain Franchise Club is a web-based platform, designed for Referral Marketers and Resellers to trade sweat-equity for home-equity and produce capital gain.  Reselling from this platform is more than just making money and living a life as the New wealthy middle class.  It is also about sharing and leveraging and managing and giving every referred member a real shot at the good life. This system is not about greed to impede, and taking down the other person to gain a lead, but more about dignity and sharing equitably. 

Both dignity and equity would become very important, during and after the coming human and atmospheric conflicts that are already on the way.   We must be prepared to give of ourselves, to each other, as we have never done before.  If you are now making preparation for life, preparing will enable you to elude and manage the ill effects of the conflicts, because you are prepared!  It does not matter where you live in the world, you will be affected by world conflicts.  People will be displaced, and some would have to flee their homes, those people could be you and me.  If we are capable of escaping initially, then we must have preparations to help and accommodate somebody: at least one FRIENDFORLIFE family.  Today we have the technology to do more for our own security, and this must be a priority!

 All governments possess weapons of destruction—many have weapons of mass destruction—but making preparation to live is primarily developing the capability to live.  If your business is about developing friends instead of harboring enemies, you are on the right track.  You are not going to get a lot of open agreement on this, right now, but by developing friendship alliances, you are going to live for sure, because of it.  If you are predisposed to living, this point of view will have meaning for you.  Choose a few friends that live in different places, from among the people on your referral list, and make them your FRIENDSFORLIFE!  “You will be glad that you did!”  As you will see, life is not just about breathing, but also about breathing and being conscious of your breath, and that of the other people around you.  Taking these actions is an emergency, and on this one I hope you can trust me!

Emergency is already the norm for many people across the globe, due to atmospheric, political, and military, conflicts.  You must be prepared for these emergencies if you are conscious enough to prepare.  Basic preparations means having a pair of rugged shoes or boots, a rugged outdoor suit and headgear, a backpack with can-food, dry food, a knife, nail clippers, solar flashlight, at least sixty-four ounces of water in a water purifier bottle, a first aid kit, a lighter, and a roll of paper towel.  In addition to this basic survival kit, every person needs to make an agreement with three or more people to whom they can go in cases of emergency.  If you made the preparations, and made the FRIENDSFORLIFE agreement, and nothing happened, you haven’t lost anything.

How did we get to emergency preparations, having started with your Bargain Franchise web-based platform that will make you wealthy…even if you are allergic to money!  This franchise will produce at least a hundred homebuyer referrals for you the Reseller, and a hundred homebuyer referrals guarantees a gross of $250K.  Acquisition of a Bargain Franchise is tantamount to the acquisition of a membership and subscription, and it will provide the owner with a basic net income of $120K a year, if you reside in the US and $90K USD if you live outside of the US.  The employee benefits package includes health care and a homebuyer mortgage payment benefit to “kiss your mortgage goodbye!”